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Terms and Conditions

Wellington Logo1. Reserved Unit is subject to confirmation in compliance with the following:

a. Full payment of Reservation Fee.

b. Submission of duly accomplished Reservation Application, Buyer Information Sheet, valid government IDs, copy of 1 whole month payslip or proof of income, and if applicable, SPA Form (Attorney-in-Fact).

c. Pre-qualification on the required minimum Net Disposable Income.

d. Validation of the buyer’s contact details.

e. Full payment of equity and miscellaneous fees.

f. Submission of complete HDMF and Developer’s requirements within thirty days from reservation.

g. Signing of all sales and loan documents of DRDC and HDMF.

h. Schedule batching of units for completion and deliveries (Applicable if there is a schedule for the construction of the units prior to the sale of the units.)


Sandra with Loft P4,100/month
Sandra with Loft P4,100/month

2. Reservation/Processing Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

3. Payments must be made directly to the office of DRDC and must be duly covered by a Provisional Receipt or Official Receipt. Check payments must be made to DURAVILLE REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. Other payment made to brokers/ sales agent shall not be considered payment until it is remitted to DRDC office,  and shall be the sole responsibility and risk of the buyer.

4. The buyer warrants that he/she is eligible to apply for a housing loan with the HDMF and shall apply for a housing loan under the CTS scheme for payment of the total contract price net of equity, approval of which is the sole discretion and authority of HDMF. To be eligible, HDMF member-buyers must have:

a. At least 24 monthly contributions

b. No unpaid housing loan

c. Updated Multi-Purpose Loan Payments

d. Updated Monthly membership contribution

e. No Policy Claim

5. In the event the buyer’s housing loan application is returned by HDMF and the buyer fails to comply with the Notice of Deficiency within the prescribed period, DRDC reserves the right to cancel the reservation and forfeit all payments made as liquidated damages.

6. Buyers are required to notify DRDC in writing on any change of personal information and contact details.

Sandra with Loft P4,100/month
Sandra with Loft P4,100/month

7. Buyers are required to Accept/Move-in to their respective units upon full payment of all obligations and release of HDMF take-out.

8. If the buyer is ineligible to apply for a housing loan and/or maximum possible loan amount based on capacity to pay is less than the required loan amount in the pricelist and/or buyer fails or refuses to comply with the above terms and conditions, DRDC reserves the right to CANCEL the reservation and FORFEIT all payments as liquidated damages.

9. Lot areas and numbers are tentative subject to final approval of the Bureau of Lands.

10. In case the buyer opts to deposit payment at any bank account or payment center, either in Pesos or in Foreign Currency, a photocopy of the deposit/remittance/payment slip must be forwarded and duly received by DRDC for reference and proper verification.

11. Prices, terms, conditions, and requirements are subject to change without prior notice. Questions and verifications regarding the presentation should be relayed to and confirmed by the Developer.

12. Excess Lot is priced at P6,000 per square meter.

Swimming Pool Amenities
Swimming Pool Amenities

For any help, questions, and inquiries, I am very much willing to help you

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0922-8111086 (Viber)


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