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How to Avoid Cancellation of Accounts and Forfeiture of Payments in Wellington Residences Tanza

PagIBIG FolderWellington Residences in Tanza Cavite has been selling like hotcakes as of late. With the recent success for the past 3 months from November 2014 to January 2015, the project has seen almost 300 Filipinos finding their new home and investments! The company’s number 1 broker, DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc., has contributed to more than 50% of the sales of this project.

As previously stated on my earlier post last year, we give our best service to our buyers by supporting them with a step-by-step guide on what to do after reservation to ensure that their payments are credited to their account. You may want to read it again for further review.

To further support our buyers, we are doing our best to further educate and remind them of the things they need to do, and documents they need to submit, to avoid cancellation of their accounts, and avoid forfeiture of payments which we understand, are hard-earned money by our happy home buyers. Here are some of the important reminders:

  1. Initial documentary requirements during reservation are the ff:
    1. Photocopy of 2 Valid IDs with 3 Specimen Signatures
    2. One (1) Month pay slip or other Proof of Income (Notarized Employment Contract or ITR Form 1701)
    3. If applicable, a duly notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with Valid ID of the Attorney-in-Fact
      1. For OFWs, it is required to have the SPA Form Consularized by the Philippine Embassy abroad
  2. Buyers may email the lacking documents for reservation at [email protected] Always remember to include the complete details of the buyer as stated in my previous post in our step-by-step guide.
    1. Buyer’s Full Name
    2. Project Name (Wellington Residences Tanza)
    3. Phase No.
    4. Block No.
    5. Lot No.
  3. Only reservation requirements are allowed to be submitted via email. All other requirements should be submitted in person either at the Duraville Realty and Development Corporation (DRDC) main office in Masinag, Antipolo, at DRDC Extension office in Gen. Trias Cavite, at DRDC Sales Office in Tanza, Cavite (Fridays and Saturdays only), or through your respective agents and brokers. We at DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc. also helps collect the documents of our buyers in our main office.

    Findings Sheet Blancaflor
    DRDC Findings Sheet for Documents Compliance
  4. Buyers with lacking initial requirements for reservation are given seven (7) days to comply to avoid cancellation. For OFW buyers, scanned copy of requirements A, B, and C, specially the SPA Form, are accepted within the first seven (7) days.
  5. It is clearly stated in the Reservation Agreement that the required documents shall be complied within 30 days from the date of reservation. Let’s strictly comply with this rule to avoid inconvenience. Buyers are most likely easier to comply within the 1st 30 days as they are still in the spirit of happiness, gratitude and excitement.
  6. When the documents you submitted is incomplete, DRDC will not yet accept the buyer’s documents. They will instead issue a Findings Sheet (see picture on the right) to give feedback to the buyer on what particular documents they need to provide, or if there are any findings or inconsistency in the submitted documents. Our Documentation Staff at DRIVEN main office can help you safe-keep the documents while the buyer is the completing the required documents.
  7. Non-completion or non-submission of the required documents listed on the list of requirements given during reservation, may result to a Notice of Cancellation given to the buyer. Buyers are given 30 days to comply.
  8. Once a buyer receives a Notice of Cancellation, the buyer should contact his/her agent from DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc., so we can help request for Reinstatement and a possible extension of 30 days, for the buyer to submit the lacking documents, and comply with DRDC’s requirements. Please take note that most requirements requested by DRDC are dependent on what HDMF (Pag-IBIG Fund) is requesting from the developer. We are expected to comply for the Pag-IBIG loan to be approved.DRIVEN new logo 2014

Buyers will be assured that we at DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc. the number 1 broker and marketing arm of Wellington Residences Tanza will always be here and be of service to our home buyers. Thank you for always trusting us.

For any concerns and questions, or you have a friend that you want to refer to us, simply contact us at our numbers 0915-4233799 or at 0922-8111086 (Viber)