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No Pag-IBIG?? No Problem! We got a solution for you!

Sandra InHouse CornerMost affordable houses can be bought and are available thru the Pag-IBIG financing program. However, you need to be a member for the HDMF before you can apply for a housing loan enjoy their low interest rates. In addition, you need to have paid at least 24 months worth of contribution to be eligible.
How about buyers who are not Pag-IBIG members but are dreaming of owning their own affordable housing investment?
What are their options??

First option: go to the nearest Pag-IBIG office and apply for membership. Take note that if you choose this option, you need to have a documented source of income as this is a vital requirement for your loan to be approved. One of the major requirements is having an ITR filed in BIR for the latest year nearest to the month the loan will be approved.
Confusing? Hassle? Don’t Worry!
Another Option is to go in-house financing!
In-house financing options give a higher interest rates but requirements are easier and will not be that strict in terms of house foreclosures! Not to mention that you can finish you housing loan payment in a shorter number of years!
Below is the sample computation for our very own SANDRA with LOFT House Model
TCP: 575,000
Downpayment: 56,500
Reservation: 10,000
Balance of 46,500 payable in 3 months installment
Move-in Fee: P10,000 (deductible from the TCP)
Balance: 508,500
5yrs to pay (12% interest): P 11,311/month
10yrs to pay (14% interest): P 7,895/month
15yrs to pay (16% interest): P 7,468/month
If this option interests you, you may contact me at my contact details below.
For inquiries Call or Text Me:
09228111086 (Viber)

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